Laboe Naval MemorialZS Diskursanalyse - CoverFor the Zeitschrift für Semiotik, I have recently edited an issue on discourse analysis, together with Doris Schöps.

The ZS issue „Neue Methoden der Diskursanalyse" (New Methods of Discourse Analysis) will present a number of new approaches to discourse analysis. It combines 10 highly innovative German-language contributions from leading experts in the field.

Discourse is currently a hot topic in a number of disciplines, including social sciences, linguistics, philosophy, cultural studies, and gender studies. The new approaches presented in this volume will enable wider applications and more precise analyses in all these fields.

The topics of the issue:

– From linguistics to semiotics of discourse
Foucaultian DA and the anglophone tradition: bridging the gap
– Multimodal discourse analysis
– Visual discourse analysis
– Annotation and statistical analysis of large film corpora
– Advanced methods of discourse analysis based on language corpora
– Formal approaches
– Argument structure and semantic frames in DA
– Examples of discourse analysis from metropolitan studies, (post)colonial studies, and gender studies

Further information:

Abstracts of the contributions [EN / DE]

Introduction to the issue [DE]

My contribution to this issue is available here. It introduces and describes the semiotic 4-level model of discourse analysis, which allows to integrate different approaches to discourse analysis, and thus serves as a basis for interdisciplinary exchange on the topic.

A presentation [Powerpoint; DE] introducing the 4-level-model of discourse