Alleyways in VeniceA number of links on different topics.

Science & research

My page at the TU Chemnitz

John Bateman's institute at the University of Bremen, where I did a Postdoc in 2013-14

Università IUAV di Venezia (IUAV), the university for architecture, arts and design in Venice, Italy

My page at the IUAV (no longer updated)

Research Center for Semiotics at the Technical University Berlin

Semioticon – the Open Semiotics Resource Center, a communication hub dedicated to semiotics, which hosts the open access journal SemiotiX and the Semiotics Encyclopedia Online. Semioticon has been founded and is primarily edited by Paul Bouissac

The Semiotik-Forum, a discussion platform for all topics and questions in semiotics – still young and aspiring to greater things! Go there and participate.

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DGS – German Society for Semiotic Studies

IAEA – International Association of Empirical Aesthetics

GfM – Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft

German National Academic Foundation – network for alumni

Humboldt Network – network of the fellows of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Virtual Institute for Pictorial Science of the GIB – Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre Bildwissenschaft

GfM – Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft

IAEA – International Association of Empirical Aesthetics

IPrA – International Pragmatics Association

Virtual Centre for Cultural Semiotics

Research Network DiscourseNet

Blogs, a blog about Free Software, Free Culture, Commonism, Fabbing und other fascinating stuff. I sometimes write there.

CommonsBlog, a blog about Commons and Commoning, with lots of information and theoretical contributions.

Literature & music

Lago di Molveno, TrentinoThe Lettrétage, a literature house in Berlin with events such as readings, expositions, and small performances, with emphasis on young writers, romanic literatures, and experimental events. One of the most innovative venues for literature presentation in town. If you happen to be in Berlin, don’t miss a visit and luxuriate in the most beautiful villa in Kreuzberg!

The Horowitz Website, essential information for every serious collector

kasyapa’s youtube channel with recordings of Horowitz that were never commercially released – hundreds of them, shared with us all by a generous collector

Alexei Grynyuk is a very fine musician and has an incredible technique

The same is true for Khatia Buniatishvili

My youtube channel – rather modest

My family on the web

My brother Christian Siefkes, computer scientist, writes about commons and peer production, active in the Free Software and commons scene.

Dirk Siefkes, my uncle, mathematician and professor of computer science at the University of Technology Berlin, died in 2016. We will remember him!